Using Behavioral Data to Solve the Account Takeover Problem for Online Retailers

Do Fraudsters Behave Differently?

Payment, Risk, and Fraud teams are so overwhelmed with the perpetual onslaught of sophisticated fraud attacks, including attacks that manage to slip through completely undetected, that they have decided to swallow a certain amount of fraud losses. It is nothing new that account takeover (ATO) attacks comprise a large chunk of these losses. 

In this webinar, SecuredTouch presented a (fairly) new technology that offers your teams an opportunity to finally get ahead: Behavioral Biometrics. Attendees were shown how processing behavioral data that represents the physical interactions of a user and device can be used to detect account takeover and other sophisticated fraud attacks with higher accuracy.

Alasdair Rambaud, CEO, and Ran Wasserman, CTO, explored:

  • The fraud flow of account takeover in online retail
  • Behavioral footprints generated by fraudsters during an account takeover attack and how it is reflected in behavioral data
  • Using behavioral biometrics to detect account takeover at each stage of the fraud flow
Three main takeaways presented:
  • How behavioral data allows fraud teams to "see" user intent as indicators of fraud
  • The ROI of using behavioral biometrics to catch ATO in $s and resources
  • Behavioral biometrics as a tool to fight other fraud use cases in eCommerce fraud
This webinar took place on Wednesday 29 January, 2020 in partnership with the MRC.
MRC Members can access the full LIVE recording here.

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View on Slideshare: Using behavioral data to solve the account takeover problem for online retailers by Ran Wasserman