Mitigating No-Transaction Fraud

Learn about one of the fastest-growing threats in eCommerce: No-Transaction Fraud

These attacks are costing you money but your payment processor isn’t catching them.


Simply put, they aren’t traditional payments and they are being executed earlier in the customer journey rendering existing fraud detection at the checkout redundant. And they’re growing.


Fraudsters continue to leverage the power of automated tools to scale up and implement attacks like:

Refund Fraud - SecuredTouch icon
Coupon Fraud - SecuredTouch icon
Stolen Personal Identifiable Information - SecuredTouch icon
Loyalty Points - SecuredTouch icon
Referral Fraud - SecuredTouch icon
Refund Fraud Coupon Fraud Stolen PII Loyalty & Rewards Fraud Referral Fraud

Experts from The Paypers and SecuredTouch sat down to discuss the advanced technologies that support a proactive, continuous approach to fraud prevention and that enable merchants to maintain the right balance between security and customer experience.

The session covered: 

  • Why no-transaction fraud is the new SRM's headache
  • The estimated cost of no-transaction fraud
  • Real incidents and analysis of the fraudsters journey
  • How merchants can combat no-transaction fraud without adding friction