[Whitepaper] How Frictionless Fraud Detection Leads to Increased Revenue

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What is it about?

Customers are turning to mobile and online banking as a convenient alternative to traditional banking. The challenge is that these channels are fraught with security risks, vulnerabilities, and plenty of fraud attempts.

Can banks provide strong security while at the same time make it easy for their customers to bank online? The answer is, yes.

In our latest whitepaper, How Frictionless Fraud Detection Leads to Increased Revenue, we review the main challenges and considerations banks face in their continuous path to remain competitive, innovative and attractive to their customers.

Download the whitepaper to learn more about:

  • Detecting advanced fraud with behavioral biometrics
  • Balancing between risk and user experience
  • Static authentication vs. continuous, frictionless authentication
  • Providing competitive services and complying with regulations