On-Demand Webinar: Using Behavioral Biometrics to Close the Gap in IAM and Fraud Detection

Your fraud detection game is strong, right? Wrong. There are gaps in your strategy that you didn’t even know existed.

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nancial institutions, eCommerce companies, ticketing services and more, are scrambling to close the gaps in their fraud detection strategies that fraudsters continue to slip through, undetected.

In this joint webinar by ForgeRock and SecuredTouch, Ben Goodman, Senior Vice President, Global Business and Corporate Development, ForgeRock and Ran Wasserman, CTO, SecuredTouch, uncovered these challenges and proposed a new solution that is designed to close security gaps. The agenda covers:

  • The who, what, where, when of Behavioral Biometrics 
  • The connection between your IAM and fraud detection strategies and Behavioral Biometrics
  • The application of Behavioral Biometrics against the most common use cases
  • Behavioral Biometrics in action

The webinar is now over - download the live recording here.

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